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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Creating a Bulletproof Business: Succession Planning for Building Resilience in Facility Management

Succession planning is a critical part of any business’s long-term success.

Yet, many organizations take this lightly or overlook it completely – and are left unprepared when changes in the leadership layer occur.

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Join us for an informative webinar where we will explore how succession planning can be used as a long-term strategic tool as well as discuss  the findings of IFMA’s White Paper study “Succession Planning in Facility Management – Pilot Study and a Roadmap for the Future

Succession Planning for Building Resilience in facility managenment


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Webinar: What is the Total Cost of Ownership, and why is it essential for FMs?

According to APPA – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) brings a new strategy that allows financial administrators to have full knowledge of an investment: how the investment is operating, how the investment is performing, and how much additional financial commitment will be needed throughout the life cycle of the investment, and when to best recapitalize the investment in the asset.

The impacts of consistent or occasional noninvestment can also be analyzed for long-term overall impact.

The TCO) is not well understood by many FM practitioners, and definitely not in the ability to use it effectively to perform long-term financial planning or to communicate asset decisions with C-suite executives. In this interview-styled webinar, Mr. Stanberry will share his knowledge and expertise on the subject.

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4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Webinar: YCx – Addressing the “whys” of Sustainable Commissioning

The importance of sustainable commissioning is immense and it’s only going to become more relevant in the near future.

Sustainable commissioning practices ensure that a building’s operations and systems run efficiently, reducing costs and ensuring the health and safety of both the occupants and the environment inside. Through the use of proper commissioning techniques, facilities can save energy, reduce emissions, lower operational costs, create a healthier indoor environment, increase occupant comfort, and enhance overall system performance.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, then don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar titled YCx – Addressing the “whys” of Sustainable Commissioning.

In this educational session, we’ll provide an overview of what commissioning is, discuss its impact on buildings, explore different elements of successful programs, and outline sustainability challenges faced by FMs post-construction.

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4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Webinar: Strategic Planning for FMs - Why is it important?

Facility Managers are often left out of the demand organization’s Strategic Planning process. They are either not engaged in the process or their input is overlooked. The FM organization’s strategy is usually of critical importance to the overall Strategic Plan.

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Join us for an informative webinar where we will delve into the area of Strategic Planning for FMs. This webinar will give FMs the tools and techniques they need for providing value to the FM organization’s plan and the overall demand organization’s plan.

Facility Managers are often left out of the demand organization's Strategic Planning process. Join us for an informative webinar where we will delve into the area of Strategic Planning for FMs.


09/28/2022 - 09/30/2022
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Join us at IFMA’s World Workplace® 2022
Music City Center, Nashville Tennessee

IFMA’s World Workplace® is the largest, most highly acclaimed FM conference in the world.

Established in 1995, World Workplace is the original forum for groundbreaking discussions on facility management and the wider built environment.

It’s where all workplace professionals come to discover innovative FM technologies, build valuable relationships and sharpen essential skills.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Webinar: Strategy & Leadership Decisions in Achieving Net Zero Emission Targets

Strategy and Leaderships decisions in achieving Net Zero emission targets

The webinar will look at the strategies and leadership issues that affect decisions regarding Net-Zero Emissions targets and Decarbonization initiatives. The discussion will center on the current industry trends, what to expect, & how to stay ahead of the curve for the changes that will be seen in the built environment over the next few years.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide a primer for decarbonization initiatives
  • Understand the issues facing the organizational leadership in terms of which decarbonizing strategies to adopt and why
  • Provide a summary of the trends that are taking place in the built environment, the challenges being faced, and the successes, in terms of decarbonization
04/26/2022 - 04/28/2022
IFMA’s Facility Fusion 2022

Location: Renaissance Austin Hotel
9721 Arboretum Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78759 USA



1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Panel Webinar: Educating Future Facilities Management Professionals-Academic Curricula and Research

Did you know that colleges and universities around the country have developed curriculum to educate a new generation of facility management professionals? Did you know that FM-related research is being conducted at colleges and universities around the country? Like to learn more?  The IFMA BIZ Community is sponsoring a panel webinar with five representatives of the academic community. The webinar is scheduled for 06 October 2021 at 1:00P Central. The session is open to everyone and is FREE!

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This Panel Discussion will center on the topic of what is happening in higher ed to help educate a new generation of facilities management professionals. Many current FM professionals fell into their positions by happenstance. Now, however, a number of colleges and universities have developed FM-related degree programs for individuals desiring to enter the world of FM by choice.

The discussion will be highlighting two aspects of FM in academia:
1. Degree programs and their curricula
2. Academic research related to FM topics

Individuals in leadership positions within FM organizations will be made aware of these FM-related degree programs which can help them in their efforts to recruit the next generation of FM leaders.

Participants will also be made aware of the FM-related research that has been completed, research that is currently underway and research planned for the future. The goal of the research teams is to deliver the results of the research to the practitioners so they can improve their own operations. If you don’t know the research exists, you can’t take advantage of the results.

We will also be discussing how the members of the academic community have been engaging with the IFMA Foundation to “get the word out.”
Learning Objectives
1 Increase awareness of colleges and universities offering FM-related degree programs.
2 Learn about the curricula that has been developed to support the programs.
3 Learn about FM-related research that has been completed, is currently underway and under consideration.
4 Learn how to access the results of the research.
5 Learn how to suggest various research topics of interest to the FM practitioners.

Please register and be prepared to learn all about how colleges and universities around the country and education a new generation of facility management professionals and learn about the FM-related research that is being performed at colleges and universities.

Doug Litwiller (IFMA BIZ SAG member)

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Building Resilient Workplaces in the midst of Covid-19 Mental health challenges

This webinar will explore the leadership and human issues surrounding the preparation for the new workplace demands from a Facilities management perspective and rebuilding a resilient workforce that will thrive in the new reality

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Re-imagine the Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating many paradigm shifts. It requires profound realignment across the globe, across industries, across economies, and populations. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.

In this session we will explore the paradigm shifts in Facilities Management mainly as it related to this IFMA’s Business Community; Leadership, Finance, Quality, and Communications.

1. Understand COVID’s impact on business
2. Discuss Paradigm shifts in Facilities Management; Specifically, in the areas of, Leadership, Finance, Quality and Communications
3. Share a framework to “Reimagine” the “Future of Work.”
4. Discuss the methodology to use the framework to implement the “Future of Work.”

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PRESENTER: Sundar Nagarajan

Sundar is an expert in business transformation and the Future of Work. He helps organizations create future-focused, agile strategies to help them thrive in today’s uncertain world of constant change, disruption, and uncertainty. Sundar has 25 years of experience as a change agent for Fortune 500 companies in many industries, with a focus on the Future of work. He brings expertise in corporate real estate strategy, workplace productivity, process improvement/design, workplace transformation, technology transformation, workplace continuity, disaster recovery, and change management. At JLL, he leads a team of management consultants dedicated to helping clients achieve enterprise goals around talent strategies and workplace experiences, portfolio, location, and real estate strategies, and financial and operational performance.

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