The Business Community is dedicated to serving its members by will hosting live, interactive, and relevant webinars related to Leadership & Strategy, Finance, Quality, and Communication topics as they relate to the practice of facility management. Members receive an invitation in advance, as well as a link to the recordings following the webinar.

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Previous Webinars

The Practical and Business Implications of Implementing the ISO 41001 Facility Management Standard

Date: May 19, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00PM CDT
Hosted By: The BIZ Community

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This Panel Discussion will focus on exploring some of the practical and business issues surrounding the implementation of the ISO 41001 Facility Management Standard.

The discussion will provide a brief overview of the standard. It will then delve into how and if organizations have moved towards implementation and adoption of the standard.

It will examine what typical roadblocks might exist that hamper implementation decisions or projects and will explore the leadership and the standard issues that need to be taken into consideration as well as the impacts from a Finance and Business perspective.

A survey will be administered to BIZ members prior to the webinar in an attempt to provide some industry-relevant information for the panel

Panelist: Ted Weidner Ph.D., P.E., RA, CEFP, Jim Whittaker P.E., CFM, FRICS, IFMA Fellow, and Peter Stroup, P.E.


How to Build a Culture of Reliability – Refocusing on the Reliability of our Built Environment

Date: March 10, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00PM CDT
Hosted By: The BIZ Community

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This webinar will center on the topic of building a culture of reliability in the management of Facilities. FMs often have a wide span of responsibilities which often require them to operate in a customer-focused reactive zone much of the time.

Reliability-centered maintenance and operations of all building components require the development of a culture that can move beyond reactive management and develop processes and systems to ensure high levels of reliability.

COVID-19 has presented many maintenance challenges. These will be explored (using in-session polls) to determine linkages or lack of linkages to a Reliability Culture.

The panel will explore the leadership and communication challenges of developing such a culture of reliability which directly affects the quality of the tenant or customer experience, and has a significant impact from a Finance and Business perspective.

In this webinar you will gain:
Understand the biggest challenges for building a Reliability Culture
Discuss the biggest maintenance challenges faced by participants during COVID-19 and how they are linked to a Reliability Culture
Discuss the role of leadership and technology in embedding the culture
Provide the steps for starting to develop a Reliability Culture
Discuss KPIs for reliability and innovation – enablers and incentive

Herman Van Niekerk Director, Giselle Holder Director, and John Ringness Director


Building Resilient Workplaces in the midst of Covid-19 Mental health challenges

Date: November 19, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00PM CST
Hosted By: The BIZ Community

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Covid-19 is a mass disaster that has impacted all organizations and their employees globally, causing mental health concerns due to the rapid and unplanned changes that have been forced upon them.

Different leadership skills such as Emotional literacy and the ability to manage change resistance will be required to prepare and rebuild resilient workforces that will thrive in the new paradigm of work life.

This webinar will explore the leadership and human issues surrounding the preparation for the new workplace demands from a Facilities management perspective and rebuilding a resilient workforce that will thrive in the new reality.

What you will Gain:

Understand the mental health challenges being faced during Covid-19 as a mass disaster

Discuss how managers can prepare for the new demands of the workplace

Discuss methods for FMs in rebuilding resilient workforces

Provide virtual workplace strategies for employees – The FM in a new role?



Rex Miller leads MindShift, a futures research and consulting firm that specializes in solving complex business challenges through the AEC industry. He works at the intersection of numerous complex challenges including the common nightmare of delivering capital projects, workplace disengagement, toxic shadow cultures, workplace health, and wellbeing. Rex believes that healthy teams are the secret to strong teams.

Rex has written numerous books including The Commercial Real Estate Revolution: Nine Transforming Keys to Lowering Cost, Cutting Waste and Driving Change in a Broken Industry; Change Your Space, Change Your Culture, The Healthy Workplace Nudge, and WHOLE.

He has won the CoreNet Global Innovator Award, Industry Excellence Award, and IFMA’s Award for Excellence.

Re-imagine the Future of Work

Date: September 15, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00PM EDT
Hosted By: The BIZ Community

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Description: The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating many paradigm shifts. It requires profound realignment across the globe, across industries, across economies, and populations. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.

In this session we will explore the paradigm shifts in Facilities Management mainly as it related to this IFMA’s Business Community; Leadership, Finance, Quality, and Communications.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand COVID’s impact on business
2. Discuss Paradigm shifts in Facilities Management; Specifically, in the areas of, Leadership, Finance, Quality and Communications
3. Share a framework to “Reimagine” the “Future of Work.”
4. Discuss the methodology to use the framework to implement the “Future of Work.”

PRESENTER: Sundar Nagarajan

Sundar is an expert in business transformation and the Future of Work. He helps organizations create future-focused, agile strategies to help them thrive in today’s uncertain world of constant change, disruption, and uncertainty. Sundar has 25 years of experience as a change agent for Fortune 500 companies in many industries, with a focus on the Future of work. He brings expertise in corporate real estate strategy, workplace productivity, process improvement/design, workplace transformation, technology transformation, workplace continuity, disaster recovery, and change management. At JLL, he leads a team of management consultants dedicated to helping clients achieve enterprise goals around talent strategies and workplace experiences, portfolio, location, and real estate strategies, and financial and operational performance.

Experience Centric Leadership

Date: March 18th, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am PST
Hosted By: The BUS Community

Description: Conscious Leaders, seek and manage everyday experience of their teams. They strive hard to innovate and provide best-in-class experience. Why is this important?

Learning Objectives:

1 Conscious Leadership
2 Awareness of surroundings
3 Seek to understand the Experience
4 Manage Impact both ways
5 Innovate to improve Experience


Nalini Vadivelan

“Managerial excellence when applied at workplaces may help lower overall project cost, however conscious leadership is key to ensure quality experience that drives long-term success.” says… Nalini Vadivelan, certified PMP and Agile scrum practitioner, Technical Program Manager at Electronic Arts, one of the top game making companies in the world. Nalini holds a master’s degree in computer science, bachelor’s degree in chemistry and education. She has also attended “Emerging Leadership” program conducted by Harvard Business Publishing (HBSP). Nalini is also an active member in PMI Vancouver local chapter and speaker in the 2019 PM WEST Conference. She has written and published an article in the International Journal of Servant Leadership Vol.12 2018.

Facility Management with The Living Organization®

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Date: November 20, 2019
Hosted By: Business Community

At their best facility managers are great leaders. Leader prime responsibility is to produce positive results. In developing The Living Organization ® operating system we have reverse engineered how the best leaders create lasting impact with less effort then most others. In this presentation we reveal the secret source of such leaders and provide practical examples how facility managers can integrate such best practices into their daily practice.

Learning Objectives:
1 Explore the current issues and problems in Facility Management
2 Provide best leadership and process practices using The Living Organization®
3 Present tools and processes the can support Facility Management to create best results with less effort.
4 Inspire, motivate and provide a whole new vision of what Facility Management can become.


Vitaly Geyman
Over the last 20 years, Vitaly has consulted to over two hundred business leaders and entrepreneurs within numerous industries in USA, Europe China and Australia. Vitaly has served in various roles: Digital Strategist, Business and Organizational Development executive, having worked for companies such as Amazon, Siemens and Telecom Australia. He also held a position as Marketing and Management professor at RMIT University.

Over the years Vitaly has funded and managed a number of start-ups in online retailing and online education. As a TEDx organizer he led and facilitated over twenty TEDx Conferences and hosted a cable TV show called “Business with Spirit”.

He is currently a Principle Consultant for Quantum Leaders Inc. using The Living Organization® framework to Reinvent Organizations and inspire a paradigm shift in Leadership.

Vitaly holds a Degree in Electronic Engineering, Masters in Business Management and Life Coaching accreditation.

ISO Standards in FM – Why Bother? Webinar

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Date: Monday, January 28, 2019
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 PM CST

The session will review why those involved believe that the development and publication of ISO FM Standards is an essential element of FM being recognized as a Strategic Professional Discipline.
It will provide an overview of the background to the establishment and publication of several standards to date.
It will also elaborate on why ISO TC 267 Facility Management Committee continues to work to develop new standards beyond the Management System Standard ISI 41001 in support of international recognition of the business-critical activities that FM is responsible for.

• Awareness of the International Standards that currently exist.
• The logic and importance of ‘standards’ in recognition of FM as a professional discipline.
• Awareness of the countries from around the world that are engaged in the ISO FM Committee.
• The ISO 41001 Management System Standard for Facility Management as a benchmark for optimum international good practice.
• How we can support and communicate FM via standards.

Presented by:

Stan Mitchell

Stan Mitchell is the CEO at Key Facilities Management International, the UK’s longest established True Facilities Management business Chairman of ISO TC 267 Facility Management Committee. He is a Founding Chair of Global FM, and the Past Chair BIFM